‘Clutches and Exhausts’ Bank Street Arts Sheffield with Dr Rachel Genn March 2015

‘Postcard exhibition’ Kristiansand Norway curated by Elisabeth Romberg March 2016

‘Warriors Exhibition and art happening’ By Lizzie Biscuits at Exchange place studio Sheffield September 29th-October 1st 2017

‘Dreams’ solo exhibition at DINA venue Sheffield December 8th- January 8th 2017-2018

‘Night time’ solo exhibition at Gardener’s rest Kelham island Sheffield March 20th-April 20th 2018.

‘Miniature exhibition’ at Airy Fairy. London road. Sheffield May 29th-June 30th 2018

Artwork to accompany Rachel Genn’s                story ‘Cataract’ published June 2018  by                                   therealstory.org

Artwork to accompany Rachel Genn’s story ‘Other animals coming close’ published March 2nd 2020  shortfictionjournal.co.uk

Group exhibition at Raven Gallery Mexborough. October 14th-November 7th 2021

The Fronteer Open exhibition at Exchange place  Sheffield. 1st-12th December 2021

Blue Moon Café solo exhibition. Sheffield                     November 30th 2021-January 31st 2022

Artwork to accompany Rachel Genn’s story ‘To write in golden photographs’ published March 16th 2022 by Wellcome  Collection.org.

‘Fortune Teller’ group exhibition. Fronteer gallery. Orchard square. Sheffield  9-25th February 2023

Artwork to accompany Rachel Genn’s story ‘House of Joan’ published November 2023 by welcomecollection.org

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